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lehenga blouse

Lehenga Blouse


Deep V Neck Saree Blouse

V Neck Blouse

Blouse Alteration


The blouse was constructed from the same fabric used in the sari. A number of sarees were made with extra fabric to be cut and remade into a choli to match.

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Blouse alteration:

Blouse alteration is a common tailoring service that can help you get the perfect fit and style for your blouse. Here are some of the most common types of blouse alterations:

  1. Shortening sleeves: If your blouse sleeves are too long, a tailor can adjust the length to your desired size.
  2. Taking in or letting out the sides: If your blouse is too loose or too tight, a tailor can adjust the sides to give you a better fit.
  3. Hemming the blouse: If your blouse is too long, a tailor can hem it to the desired length.
  4. Adjusting the neckline: A tailor can adjust the neckline of your blouse to create a different style or fit.
  5. Adding darts: If your blouse is too loose or does not fit well around the bust area, adding darts can help give you a better fit.
  6. Resizing the blouse: If your blouse is too big or too small, a tailor can resize it to give you a better fit.
  7. Adding or removing embellishments: A tailor can add or remove embellishments like lace, buttons, or embroidery to customize the look of your blouse.

It’s important to choose a Tailoraz who has experience working with blouses and can provide high-quality alterations. Before going in for an alteration, be sure to try on your blouse and decide exactly what needs to be changed. Bring your blouse to your appointment and explain your desired changes to your tailor. They may also take your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.


Today designers have reinvented the blouse. Through Tailoraz’s online tailoring service you can find creative necklines, styles for sleeves as well as sequins, embroidery. and transform the blouse you have bought into a couture masterpiece.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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