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Saree Designer Border

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Saree Fall Stitching

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Saree Fall Stitching

Saree Pico

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A stitch that produces picots, or loops, of thread that extend beneath a row of connecting or finishing stitches.

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The saree pico is the process where sarees are folded away from the edges before being stitched. A few millimeters of fabric is folded and is nearly seamless. This process is designed to provide total protection for its edges to ensure that it is not damaged or become brittle.

Saree pico refers the procedure of sewing an edge to the edge of a saree in order to stop it from unravelling or fraying. The fabric used for the border is typically an elongated strip of silk, cotton, or another similar material which is cut to fit the width of the edge , and it is then stitched with a sewing machine or hand. Pico refers to the Hindi word used to describe a tiny and neat hem.

The process of making a saree pico involves folding over the part of the saree’s edge, and sewing the border fabric under it. This border material is stitched into place, creating an attractive and secure hem which helps to keep the fabric from fraying and tearing. Saree pico is a crucial part of creating a new saree to wear, and is usually done by a seamstress or tailor who is specialized in traditional Indian clothes.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 800 × 120 cm


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